Agile Retrospectives - Continuous improvement at the heart of your team

Hands-on workshop for teams

Do you struggle to keep retrospective sessions fresh? Do you have poor attendance or worse, continual postponement of sessions? Is retrospection seen as a tax on productive time or something mandated by a software development process without regard for it’s need? Do your sessions surface lots of frustrations but no actionable results? Or maybe they produce actionable ideas that don’t keep traction once the team have left the room. If this is the case, the this is the workshop for you and all team members involved in delivery.

This workshop will enable you to benefit from years of combined experience, facilitating and coaching industry leading teams on continuous improvement. Learn the benefits of continous improvement and how to sell those benefits to others, how to effectively present data to support investments rather than just moaning and how to gauge success and capture learning to drive further improvement initiatives.

Key Learning Points

This is a brand new seminar based on our book Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Retrospectives and years of experience helping teams adopt continuous improvement. After the seminar, you will know how to:

  • Use a portfolio of building blocks to design retrospectives tailored to your team.
  • Facilitate large cross team retrospectives.
  • Get the most from cross location retrospectives.
  • Capture tacit learning for the benefit of other teams and future challenges.
  • Quantify success of your improvement actions.
  • Value your retrospective efforts to gain more traction with stakeholders.
  • Improve attendance and attitude towards retrospective sessions.
  • Apply value stream mapping to inspect the wider system for improvement opportunities.
  • Involve all stakeholders to produce better outcomes.
  • Get away from the blame game and capitalise on learning.

Intended Audience

This is a seminar for a broad audience of anyone involved in software delivery. Portfolio and programme managers who are concerned with large bodies of work will learn skills to harness learning across multiple teams. Team members will learn new skills and approaches to cement continuous improvement at the heart of their development process. They will take away skills to retrospect on demand. Scrum Masters and Facilitators will learn an array ideas to keep their retrospectives fresh. They will take away stand alone ideas and meta concepts.